Update Released

  • 18 July 2022

The latest Webex update includes several new features and improvements.

The first new feature is the ability to record meetings directly to your device. This is a great way to save important meetings for later review, or to share with others who couldn't attend the live meeting.

Another new feature is the ability to share your screen directly from Webex app. This makes it easy to share presentations, documents, or anything else you're working on with your team.

The new design includes a new interface for Webex app that is optimized for the iPhone X. The new interface includes a new toolbar that provides quick access to features, a new status bar that shows the connection status and meeting information, and a new meeting controls layout that makes it easier to control your meetings.

The new features include the ability to start or join a meeting from the Lock Screen, the ability to share your screen with other Webex users, and the ability to use Webex app with the Apple Watch.

There are also several improvements and bug fixes included in this update. The app is now more stable and responsive, and various UI improvements have been made.

Overall, the latest Webex update is a great way to improve your meeting experience. The new features and improvements make it easier to record and share meetings, and the overall stability and performance of the app have been greatly improved. The bug fixes include fixes for crashes that could occur when joining a meeting, sharing your screen, or when using the app with the Apple Watch.

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